Cloud based Wifi Controller



All network settings, monitoring and reporting are manged through the cloud controller. It gives your wi fi manager more access to exactly how your wi fi is performing, where possible issues are and address them in advance.


Public and Private

You can setup public and private wi fi which helps protect your work netowkr from your guest network. The private network can become and extension of your LAN there by fully utilising the wi fi devices for your guests and your staff.


You can setup and custom splash pages for all new users on the network. It requests user to agree to terms and conditions of use which is important for your protection. It can also be used to display emergency contact numbers, upcoming events, specials etc.



If you wish to charge for access you can setup paypal access or pre paid vouchers on the splash page.


Alot with ssid passwords, no traffic is sent to the cloud and the built in firewall prevents user data being transmitted between different devices.


Outage Alerts

The wi fi manager receives outage alertys when ever a device goes offline. This ensures the best possible service can be provided at all times.

Smartphone app

The app allows you to monitor the system from your phone.